One Life Many Lives

The poems and prose reflections in One Life, Many Lives look to the past while offering keen observations and insight into our current state of affairs. Wistful musings, triggered by a visit to his childhood home in Italy, about watershed occurrences like September 11 and observations of his natural surroundings, alternate with lyric poems that celebrate love, art, music and other momentary pleasures.

A pensive sense of regret that time is slipping away pervades—people inevitably hurried along by historical events and the bustle of everyday life—but there is also a deep appreciation for what is best in humanity along with gentle reminders of the eternal truths that govern our earthly existence.

Written in Italian and English.  Includes photos.




Praise for One Life, Many Lives

One Life, Many Lives received an Honorable Mention for Poetry at both the Southern California Book Festival and the New England Book Festival. The collection was also named the Winner in the Genre-Based Category at the Paris Book Festival, and honored as an Award-Winning Finalist in the Poetry Category of the International Book Awards.