Captured Horizons

Captured Horizons
A memoir by Michael Judge

Photographer, artist, promoter and gallery owner, Michael Judge has led a whirlwind life. He’s had two near-death experiences, sold millions of dollars worth of art, and created memorable visual images. In the course of his travels, he’s rubbed shoulders with movie stars, U.S. presidents, mafiosi, wealthy globetrotters, world-renowned artists, art forgers, truckers, cowboys and waitresses in Europe and America.

In Captured Horizons, Judge writes about his many loves and adventures with unmitigated verve, much as he has lived his life. Whether he’s describing his often stormy relationships with women, reminiscing about working with mobsters in Miami, or exposing the process by which new “genius” artists are created, he tells it all with refreshing honesty.

What emerges is the journey of a complex artist who is never afraid of reinventing himself. Works from Judge’s extensive portfolio are interspersed throughout the book, including the spiritually inspired “Light Paintings” and the “America” series – the result of crisscrossing the back roads of the United States more than 30 times. In Captured Horizons words and images create a journey which not only captures, but continues to expand our own horizons.

An internationally acclaimed photographer and artist, Michael Judge is known for creating striking images. His works have been featured in numerous publications and can be found in collections and museums through-out the world, among them the National Museum of Architecture in Poland and London Contemporary Art in England. The list of collectors includes President George H.W. Bush, Senator Edward Kennedy and Senator Robert Dole. Michael holds the distinction of having created the 1976/77 “We The People” Congressional Calendar for the Bicentennial of the United States, 10 million of which were distributed worldwide. A native of Washington, D.C., he has lived in Spain and Poland, as well as in California, Montana and Florida. He now makes his home in Arizona.

Praise for Michael Judge and his work

I hold Michael Judge’s work in the highest regard.
                                                         -George H.W. Bush
                                                          Former president of the United States

I have always been fascinated by the strength of Michael Judge’s work. Looking at his varied portfolios always inspires me and makes me realize why I am in the art business.
-Andrew Weiss
                                                          Andrew Weiss Gallery
                                                          Beverly Hills, California

Captured Horizons has the distinction of having been named a President's Book Award Winner.