Sunset in Sarasota

Sunset in Sarasota
A Novel by Piero Rivolta

When his longtime lover, Marianne, upsets a comfortable relationship by her search for greater commitment and meaning, Albert embarks on his own quest for love. Leaving behind a successful career in high finances his newly awakened discontent leads him from Wall Street to London, Milan and the Vermont woods. He eventually settles in Sarasota, Florida. Haunted by lost opportunities, he looks back at his and Marianne’s relationship with nostalgia and ponders what is really important in life and work. Reflections on society and himself, alienation and disillusionment cause his vision and insight to shift. He passes through friendships, liaisons, and unsatisfying projects, until he finally discovers the one transcendent truth that anchors his soul and sets him free…to sail into the mystical light and spectacular sunsets in Sarasota.

Piero Rivolta has been a poet throughout his life. A love of beauty and elegant design have underscored his many successful careers, from creating luxury Italian sportscars to raising horses in the Italian countryside to operating a fabric mill in Brazil. In Sarasota, Florida, Rivolta has distinguished himself as a developer of residential communities and commercial properties, and as a builder of custom-designed luxury yachts. Rivolta’s adventurous spirit led him to sail his own yacht across the Atlantic Ocean when he moved from Italy to the United States. His passion for exploring the human spirit and pursuing deeper questions of meaning continue to inspire his life and his writing. Besides his novels, he also has two volumes of poetry in print, and he is working on a third novel that will continue Albert’s story and finish the Sarasota trilogy.

Praise for Sunset in Sarasota

"Author Piero Rivolta has written a book that I found very moving and poignant... His Sunset in Sarasota is a must-read for anyone who longs for a story about life’s mysteries and joys." 

                                       -Jack Roberts, Cable Radio Network, Los Angeles

"When I read Sunset in Sarasota, I was thinking what a great movie this book would make. It has a marvelous, touching story and the characters jump off the pages at you. I recommend this book.”            

                                       -Joe Mazza, host of the Joe Mazza Show Genesis Satellite Radio Network

Sunset in Sarasota holds the distinction of having been named a President's Book Award Finalist for Best Adult Fiction.