ISORIVOLTA: The Men The Machines


An unprecedented look inside the world of exotic cars. At the core of this unparalleled tome is Iso, a well-known Ferrari and Maserati competitor in the 1960's and 1970’s.

Follow the company's rise from constructor of the famed Isetta bubble car to manufacturer of exclusive 150+ mph GTs that were hailed by the press as "a dream come true" and "the best that money can buy." Hear the men who made these fabulous machines talk about the design, birth and testing of all of Iso's models.
But this book is much more than an in-depth examination of a single company and its cars. It also shows how the GTs and the people that created and built them were influenced by the competition—and the era's political, social and economic climates.
"If you want to find out what it is really like to own and operate an exotic car company, then you have just found your textbook."

—Tom Tjaarda, designer of the Pantera, Fiat 124, and numerous other cars.
A must-have book if you follow the Iso Rivolta automobiles. Loads of real info in the years of production of the Iso cars. Covers all models built from the "egg" car to the one off Varedo, and gives a peek at what the Rivolta group is doing with boats, city cars, and the Grifo 90. Just buy it to look at the pictures; it’s full of full color prints and text to make it a can't-put-down book.
–J. Eugene Greenfield
Winston Goodfellow provides a tantalizing, well-written story of a family's quest to build beautiful, fast yet reliable automobiles. More than a dry history of an obscure Italian car manufacturer, this book highlights the great GT cars of the late 1950’s and 1960’s, in addition to giving a cultural snapshot of Italian design heritage.

–James Taylor

This could be one of the best automotive books ever written. Mr. Goodfellow does more than just detail the history of the Iso car company, he tells the stories behind all of the personalities that helped build these amazing machines. This book gives the reader a detailed behind-the-scenes look at the Italian car industry during some of the most interesting years. Lots of technical information too! Can't wait for his next book on Giotto Bizzarrini.