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Roberto, a bank employee in Milan, dreams of walking among the stars - literally on a bridge into the sky. When he moves to the island of Sardinia with his mother, these visions intensify and he encounters two intriguing women who become crucial to his stellar explorations. Barbara, intoxicating and bewitching, has business and scholarly contacts all over the world who help launch his new career. Lucia, sensual and pragmatic, takes a practical approach to life that keeps him grounded.

With their guidance, Roberto embarks on a journey of discovery that includes revealing regressions into his past lives, visits to astronomical observatories in Europe and the United States, and a trip to Africa to the land of the Dogon, a mysterious people whose knowledge of the Sirius Star System predates modern times by many centuries.

Bridge Through the Stars is a powerful romance...an aspirational, coming-of-age story that deals with our origins, as well as our prior and current role in the universe while seeking our future among the stars.