Piero Rivolta


Cliff Roles Interview 

Press play to hear Piero's May 9, 2010 interview with Cliff Roles on WTMY 1280 AM. Piero shares his thoughts on the motivation and passion behind one of his favorite pastimes—writing—and describes his unique creative process. Piero also discusses the latest developments in his various business ventures, including the exciting new projects of Rivolta Yachts and Tivoli Homes of Sarasota.

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Debut Event for The Castaway 

Press play to view a presentation by Piero and his good friend Richard Storm reading aloud excerpts from Piero's latest novel, The Castaway, and also from his most recent book of poetry, Nothing Is Without Future. This debut event for The Castaway was held at Media on Main in downtown Sarasota on May 6, 2010.

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ABC 7 Interview  

Press play to view Sarasota Anchorwoman Linda Carson of ABC 7 discuss with Piero the fascinating story that unfolds in The Castaway. This interview was broadcast live on May 4, 2010. See how Piero, considered by many to be a true "Renaissance Man" answers the question, "What is the meaning of life?" in his own insightful and poetic way.

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WUSF Florida Stories 
Press play to listen to Piero interviewed by Richard Storm on WUSF 89.7 out of Tampa, Florida. The piece was taped on April 29, 2010. Piero discusses his life and business in Italy, and what eventually led him to sail to and eventually settle down in Sarasota, Florida. He speaks passionately of his love of the sea and describes his writing as the personal accomplishment of which he is most proud. An excerpt from his newest novel, The Castaway, is read aloud, along with a brief summary of the plot line itself. Some poetry is recited in both Italian and in English, followed by Piero's own view of the vital role of poetry in the world today--as the key to reality.


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Il Settimanale Interview

Press play to hear the English translation of Piero's interview on the Italian television show Il Settimanale. Piero is interviewed by Roberto Pachetti in a biographical piece entitled "L'avventura della vita" or "The Adventure of Life." Piero talks about his family's history in the automobile industry and the legacy for which he is most well known in his native country. He also mentions a more recent activity of his--writing. In particular, he speaks of his first novel published in English, Sunset in Sarasota, which tells the story of Albert, who we meet again in his 2010 follow-up story, The Castaway.
Press play to watch.