Breaking the Age Barrier
During the 1960s, before it became popular for doctors and anti-aging experts to offer advice on how to achieve good health, great looks and vibrant longevity, Oleda Baker began to develop her own personal approach. Since then she has combined the newest medical discoveries with her own ideas, practicing a healthy lifestyle both on the inside and outside to stay youthful and energetic throughout her life. At age 76, she is a living example that it works. Now, in Breaking the Age Barrier, she shares her knowledge, secrets and routines with everyone who wants to look and feel as vivacious, dynamic and full of life as she does.
Unlike other anti-aging books on health and beauty, which focus on either interior or exterior aspects, Breaking the Age Barrier integrates the two. It deals with makeup and nutrition, facial and skin treatments and hormone replacement, exercise and clothes. As an account of one
person’s remarkable success story, it is both exemplary and a reference guide for women who wish to follow in Oleda’s footsteps.
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As a high fashion model, columnist, author of more than 10 books on health and beauty, naïve painter with exhibitions in New York City, and CEO of a company that develops anti-aging products, Oleda is internationally known as someone who has captured the secrets of lifelong energy and youthfulness. She is the best possible selling point for the books she writes and the products she develops. In promoting her previous books, she was a frequent guest on popular TV and radio talk shows, including two interviews with Oprah Winfrey on “People Are Talking.” Magazine stories and articles about her have appeared in “Cosmopolitan,” “Redbook,” and “Us Magazine,” among others. You can learn more about Oleda at